Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Upon Request

The Mighty Red Panda

As we approached the exhibit I knew it was going to be a good day because it was nice outside and there wasn't a blessed soul in sight outside of my mom, Danna, and Me.

Soon we see a little ball of brown, red, white, and black fluff come waltzing towards us, sniffing nonchalantly at various branches and food dishes. He stops, stares at us, and decides that playing coy isn't going to get him ANYWHERE with his visitors.

At the edge of the exhibit he stops and stares, I bend down to hide behind the people gate and he suddenly seems VERY interested in what I am doing. So much that he sticks his nose through the wire and licked the air. Then he proceeded to back up and start wiggling his tush at us.

He bumped into his dish and wiggled his tush.

He climbed the log...and wiggled his tush.

All the while taking the time to see if his lady-lookers liked what he was doing.

Oh yes, we did.

Then he proceeded to walk back to where we were, sit down, and pose for us.

Danna has the pictures and as soon as I'm able I will show you the adorableness that is our Red Panda.

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