Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pay it forward.

I hope this works...

This video inspired me. Today I was a little bitter, a little negative, a little unlovable. All because the windows were open in an already cold office. Because I knew I'd be at the office all day with NOTHING to do. It wears on me to the point where I feel like there is little good left in me.

This video reminded me of all the times I've tried to pay it forward and have received love in return.

There was one instance in particular when I was in Thailand. We were at a HUGE beach party, Full Moon Party, and things were getting crazy. One woman was very drunk and very pushy because of it. She was angry, bitter, and had no problem swinging her little weight around. A different girl jumped up on the stool and was dancing. I saw that her shoe was untied and asked if I could tie it. The bitter drunk lady tried to slap at my hands asking "Why do you do this to her? She will probably kick you in the face for your trouble." The girl on the stool didn't hear it and was laughing at the fact that I was tying her shoe. She found it so funny she lifted her other foot for me to tie that one as well. I wasn't insulted but the other woman was. She started to yell at the stool dancing girl.
I calmed her down with these words: "I do this because I don't want her to fall off the stool because of her laces. I would feel bad and she would be hurt. Why can't I do this kindness for someone else? Let me do this."
The lady stopped and stared. I finished tying the girl's other shoe and didn't care if I got a 'thanks' or not. Seeing the other woman's confusion I smiled and tried to explain, "Really, it's for selfish reasons. I'll be able to have more fun knowing that the girl won't trip because of this. Everyone will have more fun because there won't be a bloody drunk girl sprawled across the sand." I patted the poor woman on the shoulder and said, "I'd do the same for you."
I think I just rocked her socks off. Ha ha.

Later that night there was a bar fight. I was in the middle of it. One dude saw that I might be in danger and litterally dragged me away. I see that as a "Pay it forward" There was NO way I would have been able to get out of there on my own steam. The crowd was too thick.

So, we didn't paint a wall. We didn't give a baby it's toy. We didn't rake our neighbors leaves.
I tied a shoe. He got me out of a fight. I hope someone saw and paid it forward.

Monday, January 21, 2013

My After School Activities

So, I plan on buying a car mainly so I can help out a lot more than I've been able to in the past. I want to be able to help out in cases like these:

This is Saelum. She needs a home. When she was a baby her eye became infected and ruptured. It doesn't stop her from being sweet and kind. If fact, I can't help but think she's a pirate. Ha ha.

This is Bobae. He was sick as a baby too which is why his eyes are a little cloudy. He can see perfectly fine and is super affectionate!!
This is Silverstar. She's a loner. Doesn't like anything but people. I kind of like that about her. She's the opposite of me. Ha ha.

This is Tinkerbell. Sweet Overlord of all that is cute.

And last, but not least, Acalia. She's shy and needs a lot of love in order for her to return affection. She doesn't like anyone or anything...except Tinkerbell.

These are the current animals I'm trying to help find homes :)

Funny Principal :)

Sippin' on my coffee and the principal comes up to me. First thing he says is, "Do you know Adam and Eve?"

Where is this going? He knows I'm a Christian since we've had this discussion before. So, with a little confusion I say "Yes".
He then proceeds to say:

"Adam was in the garden talking to God and asks, 'God, why did you make woman so beautiful?' God says 'It is simple, so you will love her.'

Adam then replies, 'God, why did you make woman with long flowing hair soft to touch and reflecting the light around them?'

God again replies 'It is simple, so you will love her.'

... ... Adam has one more question 'God, then why is woman so dumb?'

God takes a moment before responding, 'Tis simple, so she will love you.' "

I almost choked on my coffee. Ha ha ha ha...Way to go Principal. Way to go...