Thursday, May 27, 2010


Just got the schedule for the upcoming Zoo Camps. Jr. Zoologist is going to be a blast!!

We have to tear into squid. Dissect, they call it nowadays. Don't get me wrong, I've stuck my knife in plenty of things and wiggled around gooey stuff in my life but it had always served a purpose. In Animal biology we had to use certain parts of the frog to learn anatomy as well as study the strength of the heart by piercing the ventricle with a hook. Tricky business that...
In Animal Physiology we had to study the Rat and monitor the amount of oxygen and other things that are found in the liver. We also took other parts and did multiple experiments with its intestines. Only one Rat was killed for the name of science and it was done humanely. It simply fell asleep.

Even in these times I struggled. I had to tell myself that if any of my excuses weren't good enough it could boil down to one absolute truth: It was for a Grade. A grade that I needed in order to graduate from College. The College I was paying a lot to attend so I could graduate and have it's rather grand reputation under my belt (and on the resume).

Now we have to dissect squid. When I asked why we had to I got the initial response of "Because it's fun!!"


I really don't care if it is FUN or not. I care that this poor animal is not being put to good use (like food maybe??!! EVER THOUGHT OF THAT?!) but instead is going to be subjected to the poking and prodding of 13 year old kids.

"It's already dead, it can't feel anything."


Too late...

If that is the case then is life sacred at all? Who cares what we do to the body, eh? Just dump it. It's dead, it can't feel anything.

I know that i shouldn't elevate this tiny creature to the importance of humans, and I am not, but I am elevating it to the point where cruelty and desecration of any kind should be seen as appalling and rather juvenile. Yes, I understand that they are juveniles but I also feel that if we let them HAVE AT IT and tear into this tiny organism I am simply planting the seed, watering it, and Hell, why not add some fertilizer to the growth of future sociopaths?!

I know, I'm being a bit dramatic, but if it was a puppy I think we'd all have to agree with me that this is just a sick sick practice. This is summer camp for goodness sakes.

Have I kept silent? No. I've talked with the Head Guy and expressed my hesitation at doing the squid dissection and it's still on the schedule. Today I had to participate and listen to the blabbering of a neanderthal who of course retracted from his previous statements after I stared at him, jaw dropped, and stuttering out a echo of his own stupidity.

It isn't fun, good sir, to stick a probe into it's body and slice away its gonads.

It isn't fun, good sir, to squeeze it's beak out so you can drag the poor thing's stomach out for your delight. Why do we do this? Does this have anything to do with the dissection? Does this have anything to do with the work sheet?

Oh, we don't have to use the worksheet if we don't want to..

Well, if I have to participate in this then I shall indeed have them follow the worksheet, after a nice lecture about respect and how to conduct oneself in a lab.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another day in Paradise

Yes, indeed that is what this place is called. If I keep telling myself that over and over again I will soon come to believe it!
It really is amazing how much one misses something once it is gone. I miss driving to the Lake to cool off. I miss having that option even if we didn't take it!
Ahh, but more about what I love about this place. The things that keep me going and push me out of my bed each and every morning.

My job, for instance, is a joy. Yeah, 5:30am comes quickly but once I get out of bed I am usually ready for an amazing day. Today we are going to prep for summer camps here at the Zoo. I have been looking forward to this day ever since I booked my millionth field trip/zoomobile. Or perhaps the 100th time I picked up the phone and had to sooth the quaking fears of a panicked teacher.
Now I have to deal with the egos and trepidation of the oldies as they clash against the newbies. I, for one, am finding a lot about my self when it comes to my level of patience when it comes to dealing with both of these. For the ego-stricken oldies I just play to their strengths and ask lots of questions. Usually that strokes their sense of self-worth and brings it to a full blossom in no time at all. This then saves the newbies from being starved of sunlight—er—information and gives them the room to ask their own questions and start off on their own. Of course I would be deluding myself if I told you that I did this all on purpose. Nope, it was only upon reflection that I realized that I just like it when everyone is happy and gets along.

This summer, however, will probably try my patience to the very limits of my control. This summer I am going to be looking forward to July 3 more and more. I’m starting to get that restless feeling in the pit of my stomach. While my body sit there in idle and my ears pick up the information I will need for the rest of the season my inside just quakes. I feel restless. Like two spirits dwell within me at once and there is only room for one. Who will win, I wonder? The logical, steady, and patient side of me? Or will it be the one that desires to strike out on my own, discover new things, and totally take chances that I may or may not regret?

Sadly, I’ve been leaning towards the latter rather the former.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Past 24 Hours and the Next 48....

The Past 24 Hours...
The past 24 hours has been epic. Almost literally. I officially submitted my application to EPIK, a program designed to get me to South Korea and teach English. Big deal since I had been waiting for my last letter of recommendation from my boss.
This afternoon I got an email from an organization I had a loan through. I didn't know how I was going to get the first month payment out since it was over 500.00. I applied for some "financial burden" thing over a month ago and never received word. Then, out of the blue, this email states that it has been granted and I don't have to pay a single dime until december.

The Next 48 Hours...
One of my dearest friends that I've made here in Missouri is leaving for India and I won't see him until August. =( It's a big freaking deal. =(

Sunday, May 16, 2010

You know you're over him when...

1. When you hear his name you no longer smile in reaction
2. Your fond memories of him equal the number of bad ones
3. You go days without thinking about him
4. When you DO think about him it's not about the same things like if he misses you as much as you miss him.
5. You realize your life can move on without him

and finally

6. Another boy's name makes you smile =)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where has the time gone?

I've had a time of of these last couple of months. I celebrated my 1st year anniversary booking field trips at the Zoo. I didn't have to go out there among the masses and jump buses, rally kids into the zoo, or park the buses! No, I was safe inside my little office area chatting it up with the bird...when I wasn't crazy busy BOOKING the field trips and dealing with crazed teachers. It is amazing how much a "Ma'am, how can I help you make your trip to the Kansas City Zoo as smooth as possible?" can soothe the ruffled feathers of any stressed out teacher.

We did have some interesting events. One lady was even put on our black list. Yes, apparently we have a BLACK LIST. And it was well deserved. Even my sympathy and compassion came to a nasty end with this person, but thankfully not on the phone. Let's just say that my capacity to handle liars has not improved much over the years.

Still riding the bus. Any new stories? YES. Any of them note worthy? Noooooooot really, but I'll write about it anyways

Story 1:
Was waiting at McDonald's for my bus, which takes about 45 min so I usually get a pop and settle down for a good book. Well it was a GLORIOUS day so I decided to sit outside and soak up the sun. Then, I hear honking. "Oh Great" I mumble and look up long enough to give the honker a scowl.

The Dude starts WAVING!

I can't help but wonder if this is his game, to pretend to know me or something so he get's another thing I know he's pulling in and lo an' behold: It is my boss from Petco!!
Man do I feel horrible so I get up and we chitchat. He drives off to go through the drive-through and I go back to my book, face flaming at my shameful behavior.
He comes around and hollers at me again asking if I would like a ride. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I gather all my stuff and hop in. It's a Mercury Cougar, which looked A LOT like this
Needless to say, we got a lot of stares. It was nice to get home before my bus would have picked me up, though. Ahhhh, to be so spoiled. =D

Story 2:
I was on my way to work to pick up the company car so I could drive it to work on Sunday. Buses in my city do not run on Sundays so by doing them a favor and picking up the shift they gave me permission to use the care. Sweet deal, eh? Awesome.
Well, I was down town KC, waiting for my transfer when a group of guys came out of a building kiddie-corner from where I was waiting. One guy parted from the group and came over. He said "Hello" and I asked him if he was waiting for the bus. He wasn't. Just wanted to talk to me.
He looked a lot like the guy on the far left:
I wasn't impressed.

Then he starts talking about himself for the next 5 minutes, blowing smoke in my face, and eventually tries to grab my hand. I shake him off and give him that "Are you crazy?" look and he proceeds to say, "I wanna show you something," and tries to grab my arm. I shake him off, freaking out a little, and just in time a bus comes around the corner. I don't care what bus it is, I AM ON IT. Thankfully it is the bus I was waiting for.
I don't know what he was planning on "showing me" but I wasn't about to let him take me anywhere.

Story 3:
I was at McDonald's (at the transfer) and some guy asked me if he could borrow my phone. He proceeds to call his mom and TELLS her to come and pick him up. He's rude to his mama.

On a side note, this is not attractive....

So he then proceeds to say in a sweet sweet voice, "Thanks for letting me use your phone. I didn't want to take the bus in the pouring rain." I'm thinking to myself, 'What, you made of sugar? You gonna melt?'
Then he smiles and says, "I'd really like to see you again." I simply nod and smile. He says it again but with emphasis, "I'd really like to see you again." and I once again nod and smile.