Thursday, September 20, 2012

Funny Moments

So I've been wondering what I should be writing about in this blog. Everyone has a unique experience in Korea but the gereral theme is the same. Rather boring for someone who has lived her for two years already. So, instead I'm going to take a leaf from Bill Cosby's book and talk about some of the things my kids say or do.
Two instances readily come to mind and here they are:

My school has two buildings. The 3rd grade is in one building and the 1st and 2nd grade are in the other building.
As I was walking to class I spotted some grade three students quickly opening all of the windows in the grade 2 hallway. They were laughing quietly and acting quite suspicious. I walked over to the group and asked what they were doing. After a long debate in broken English and Phone Dictiontionaries this is how it ultimately went.
Me: What are you doing?
Student: Opening the windows. Mosquitoes outside.
Me: Having Mosquitoes outside is good, right?
Student: No, Mosquitoes inside. Bite 2nd year students.
Me:.....(This is my time to think about what I just heard. There had to be a mistake).
Seeing that I was rather confused one student bravely said:

"Biological Warfare."


Another time we were playing a BOMB game in class. A bomb game is a review game on the computer using power point. In this game randomly a "Bomb" would explode and the team would lose their points. Sometimes the teams would be forced to trade points and other times they would have to give some of their points away.
Group 3 had to give all of their points to Group 1. When it was Group 1's turn they had the question "What do you THINK of this game." The usual response would include "I think this game is...." or "I feel this game is...." or "In my opinion this game is...."
Of course, every once in a while you get a wise response and this class did not disappoint. After a very short time one student looked at group 3 and said, "I think this like life." Her smile was a little triumphant so I think she liked that she was on the winning side of life at the moment. My co-teacher and I laughed for a while. So refreshing :)

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