Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The battle of the Retractable Mouse (the icing on a cake of badness)

I don't usually like to complain but today was an epic day. I told my mom about it and she said that there were some funny parts that should be shared. I'll give you the run down of my day.

It started last night when I walked to the dollar store to get change for a 10. I needed to get some stuff and since I'd forgotten Feb was a short month I'd been late in ordering my monthly pass so I was reduced to scrounging for bus fare until it came in the mail. I was so worried about not getting the right amount of COINS back that I walked out without getting my three dollars back.

Which I didn't realize until I got on the bus this morning and only had a 5 and .50 cents. SO....I paid a 1.50 bus fare with 5.50 and now have a 4.00 change card that I will do...nothing with. 7.00 wasted in less than 24 hours.

This puts me in a bad mood but then I start to listen to some music.

Chris Tomlin - Happy Song .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

This song actually

And life was good.

Rode the bus and talked a bit with an old guy who said he might keep riding the bus in the morning if only to see my smiling face again. Awww

I get to work and find that i have a BUNCH of work to do. I try to work through the fog of the past week and remember if this school got THIS and that school got THAT. Once that's settled my boss mentions something about not getting any responses from the email I sent out a while back.

what email

Oh great...I was supposed to do that?   Yes, I was. So I run over to my computer talking to my boss about how assumed she was doing that etc. She took it in stride until we both found out my computer didn't have adobe. Guess what I needed in order to send out the email?

SO I hop on a laptop and proceed to send it out while the computer guy remotely added adobe to my computer. WHILE this is happening I'm trying to hook the mouse to the laptop. The retractable mouse. The retractable mouse that won't stop retracting!

This thing

I'm battling this monster with a snarl and my lip gnashed between my teeth when I notice out of the corner of my eye that the mouse is still moving on the desk top and is now going through my internet history. THEN it deletes the picture of the cheetah I had put on my desktop.

this one

Who can delet a face like THAT?! The tech guy can. Then my boss gets an email which she fowards to me. Apparently he felt concerned that I was using the computer for personal things and I should be told that it is a working computer only. That personal items such as desk tops and email accounts shouldn't be changed/altered/ or checked.

Discrimination is not just with sex and color. Age is also a problem...one I've fought with for a long long LONG time. =(

Anyways my boss stood up for me and responded with something like, "We didn't ask you to check for that. We wanted adobe. I will pass the message along. Thanks." Thank you

Still battling with the mouse I finally found a paper clip and clipped it so it couldn't pull back anymore SUCCESS!! Now to buisness.

Down the line I went sending emails about our neat little fliers we have from the zoo that would be great to send out to children.

Wait...fliers? That thing I was supposed to attach to the emails...duh. So AGAIN down the list I went attaching the fliers to the email.

Day went on as normal, thank God, and the after school program I co-teach went smooth. I get home and open up my email to find a message from someone at Calvin, my college.

Apparently there is a loan I had no idea about and it is past due. Called mom, again, and she said I haven't gotten any mail. I haven't gotten any mail here. So...why was I never sent a bill?

Stressed much? All I want is some time to save up some money so I can get a car so I can work more hours so I can PAY the loans back. Time...i've already had two years.

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