Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday Night Live!

Last Friday I went to an In House Coffee Shop and had a blast. Basically it was at the house where I attend House Church every Sunday. Kenneth and Ruth, the owners, try to do this every month or so. There are yummy desserts, coffee, hot cocoa, and other goodies all up for grabs with amazing music from talented locals. Such talented locals include their son, Madison, and Ruth herself.

Since I do not play an instrument (Other than the Clarinet) I usually just sit back, listen, and enjoy the music. Ruth sang this beautiful song that brought tears to my eyes. I forgot to ask her what the title was but I think it was an original.

But this was Friday night. So you have to be wondering why this post is entitled Saturday Night Live, right?

WELL that Saturday I didn't have to go into work so I got to do a whole bunch of stuff, including getting my hair cut. While waiting for my appointment I walked down to the local cafe for some lunch and found out something AMAZING...Live music every Friday and Saturday Night.

Excited I quickly skipped over to my appointment all the while wondering who would go with me on such short notice. Texting a few people it finally dawned on me who I could bring. Who did I know liked music that he wouldn't discriminate against Celtic Music (which was the genre for that night). Madison!

It took a little work but we finally ended up going.

For the life of me I still can't remember his name =) but he was amazing.

And don't let Madison fool you...he really did have a good time too =)

We stayed through the whole show, which was packed, and had a awesome awesome time.

Did the same thing this weekend. I hope to keep this up!

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