Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another day in Paradise

Yes, indeed that is what this place is called. If I keep telling myself that over and over again I will soon come to believe it!
It really is amazing how much one misses something once it is gone. I miss driving to the Lake to cool off. I miss having that option even if we didn't take it!
Ahh, but more about what I love about this place. The things that keep me going and push me out of my bed each and every morning.

My job, for instance, is a joy. Yeah, 5:30am comes quickly but once I get out of bed I am usually ready for an amazing day. Today we are going to prep for summer camps here at the Zoo. I have been looking forward to this day ever since I booked my millionth field trip/zoomobile. Or perhaps the 100th time I picked up the phone and had to sooth the quaking fears of a panicked teacher.
Now I have to deal with the egos and trepidation of the oldies as they clash against the newbies. I, for one, am finding a lot about my self when it comes to my level of patience when it comes to dealing with both of these. For the ego-stricken oldies I just play to their strengths and ask lots of questions. Usually that strokes their sense of self-worth and brings it to a full blossom in no time at all. This then saves the newbies from being starved of sunlight—er—information and gives them the room to ask their own questions and start off on their own. Of course I would be deluding myself if I told you that I did this all on purpose. Nope, it was only upon reflection that I realized that I just like it when everyone is happy and gets along.

This summer, however, will probably try my patience to the very limits of my control. This summer I am going to be looking forward to July 3 more and more. I’m starting to get that restless feeling in the pit of my stomach. While my body sit there in idle and my ears pick up the information I will need for the rest of the season my inside just quakes. I feel restless. Like two spirits dwell within me at once and there is only room for one. Who will win, I wonder? The logical, steady, and patient side of me? Or will it be the one that desires to strike out on my own, discover new things, and totally take chances that I may or may not regret?

Sadly, I’ve been leaning towards the latter rather the former.

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