Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jeo-neun Amanda imnida

I am Amanda  or.... 저는 Amanda 입니다

It has taken me approximately two days to say "Jeoneun Amanda imnida" with some confidence. I still do not know how to say Goodbye so I can start a conversation....but I do not know how to end it.

I should practice the basics, right? Hello. Goodbye. Where is the bathroom? Do you speak English? and How do I get to ___________?

I'm really good at saying "Annyeongha-seyo!" ( 안녕하세요 Hello) to random people which is a good start.

The last two days we've had Korean Language lessons. It is more like reading Hangul, the written language, instead of learning any words or useful phrases. The first night, after a long day of lessons about Korea and lesson planning, we were coralled into a classroom only to be told we were in the wrong class. So we relocate into a already crowded room where the speedest lesson I've ever had in my life began. All I can say is I think I left more confused than when I came and the cloudy sense of doom seemed to hover a bit closer to earth.

Tonight we were once again put into a different room and quite honestly 10 minutes into the classroom I wanted to give the teacher a hug. Knowing that he wouldn't accept such behavior from a student I had to sit calmly in my seat and stick to learning. I'm still a mess but I think that cloud got kicked back up into its place. For that, I give my humblest of thanks to Mr. Chullsun Juhng; 감사합니다 (Gamsaha-mnida =thank you).

Would you like a little language lesson one day? Maybe I'll prepare something and pu t it up for you :) right now I'm bushed so I'm going to go to bed. Until then, here are a few photos to get you by!

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CorissaBaker said...

I've read a bunch of your posts today and girl you've been having a lot of cool adventures! You rock! I'm sure it's scary to be in a new country and culture - I know it has been for me (Japan and California!). Keep on being awesome!! Have fun over there!