Monday, September 6, 2010

Good Morning Land of the Morning Calm

Yesterday was my first day of teaching. I failed. At least it felt like it at first. I stood up in front of the class and started my introduction and students...were falling asleep.
I started to think I had been lied to! These student's don't want to learn English! They only want a free period to lay their heads down and snooze. The students who went so far as to lay their heads down got a good tapping on their desk by me as I cheerfully called out "Good Morning" to them. I think I scared a couple of them...and all I can say to that is "Good. Be afraid."

Ahhh, I think as a whole yesterday was  bomb...but there were no casualties so I guess I will take that as a good thing. Out of the four classes two of them went well.

Ok, boring update aside I want to talk about my future!! This weekend I have nothing to do, which after my first week of teaching that may be a very good thing, but next weekend is going to be amazing. My friend Chul is in Jeonju (where I had my orientation) and he has invited me back for a mini reunion. I am so excited to see him again. Yay!!

Next Wednesday I should be getting a phone so that is even HAPPIER news. That way I can travel to meet my friend and not worry about getting lost or have any difficulty finding him (or vice versa).

Then the weekend after that, if funds allow, I will be traveling to the North side of South Korea. A friend of mine that I met at orientation, Chretien, wants to travel and we seem to get along well enough to handle traveling together. Those are basically his words, not mine. =D I don't care. I want to travel and now I have a travel buddy. He seems the adventurous kind and that's what I'll need to get me out of here and all over Korea :) But this is all dependent upon funds!

Ahh, things are looking up.

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