Thursday, September 2, 2010


Money here is amazing. It is so cheap. 1,000 won is $1.00 US and dinner (if you eat out) ranges from 3,000 to 7,000. You get A LOT of food for 7, 000. If you want really fancy it can get up to 20,000 per person but that's when you're breaking out the beef (raw), sushi, noodles, rice, soups, fish, etc. More food than you could possibly eat ever in your life. Is the food great? Yes and no...but I'd say the same thing about American food!

On my very first night arriving here in Andong I was treated to that 20.00 meal. Let me give you a list of the food I ate :) I will add the Korean names later when I get home (I'm at work right now).

Raw Beef. Yes, it had seseme oil (which apparently make everything better?)
Raw Fish. Sushi. It was in strips over rice.
Octopus. Raw? Boiled? Does it matter? That chewey little morsel was not a repeat offense
Bean Sprout Soup. LOVED IT! OMG DO I LOVE IT. Possibly because it was bland, cool, and I knew what it was :)
A beef dish. I don't know what it was but it was amazing. I ate the whole thing in front of me.
Pumpkin Soup. That was the appetizer. SOOO YUMMY!

As for funny stories...well I'm the lightest girl in all of Andong so...yeah some good stories. Blonde hair is gorgeous and so is pale skin. I'm tan (for me) now so I can't wait until Winter. I am teaching Middle School girls which is about elementary English in the states so I'm not worried.

One story is centered around a drink called "Soju". This is a sneaky sneaky drink that starts off easy to drink, a complete opposite in the states, right? So it starts nice and smooth and the second can taste the alcohol but it is managable. The Third....yeah more alcohol buuuuuuuut you can handle it. By the fourth you're tipsy and the drink is horrible! You can't imagine why people drink the stuff and you aren't looking forward to the next one. But get this, you drink with your co teachers and principals here. Seriously. They take you out to dinner and you drink Soju. They can handle SO much more than me. Anyways, funny story with soju, right. Tipsy Amanda cannot be held accountable for her actions, OK? My notebook is covered with notes from Korean boys who have written their numbers and email addresses! I have no friggin' clue who they are. No clue.
Second story when I met my Principal we talked and suddenly he whips out this sheet of paper and starts reading it to me. It's in English and I'm thinking he wants me to compliment him on his English. No. He wants me to explain what "In Tune" means. In terms of music.

Picture this:  I'm in the middle of his office MIMING music as well as singing. He's like the president of the building and I am in his oval office. Now whenever he sees me he give me a funny look and I give him a confused one...and he starts laughing. Apparently he thinks I'm hilarious.

He also tells me that I need to learn more Korean and learn to love Korea so I will stay forever. He pointed out all the single male teachers.
Every day at lunch he gives me a look, tests my Korean, tells me I need to study harder, and walks away. I'm not offended in the least. Probably because he stated he wants me to love Korea so I must learn Korean, right? Right.
So there is my update.

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