Thursday, November 11, 2010

OK almost one month later

SORRY! I know it has been a while but really I have been so busy that I haven't had time to really update anyone.
Since my last post I have celebrated my birthday and reverted back to my single stage. Oh sigh, fast month!

My birthday was amazing. I got a couple of cakes! One from school which was super sweet.

This is the cake I got from my teachers ^^  YUMMY!! 

I am cutting my first cake! My principal is to my left and one of my 1st year students Seong Yee (the girl who drew a picture of me for my birthday) was there to try to put frosting on my nose. xD

Here my teachers are digging into my cake!! They are awesome and I'm happy there was enough for everyone.

This was Friday and my birthday was on Saturday. So on SATURDAY my friend called me up and asked what I wanted to do. I suggested lunch and her boyfriend said, "Daegu?" Daegu is one hour away and a pretty large city. I thought he was joking but apparently not since they both were at my house in a few minutes and we were headed off to Daegu!! Crazy!
We went to a Western restaurant called "The Holy Grill" YUM! I'm told it was started by a couple of Canadians and they serve yummy food from home. They even have cranberry juice!!

Poor Heelak was exhausted though because he and Sara had celebrated someone else's birthday the night before.

So we let him sleep and talked with Sara who was wide awake despite keeping the same hours as him.

After that we headed back to Andong and celebrated the day of my birth in another country with...JIMDAK. OH my...words cannot describe the beauty of this food. Just think yummy noodles and chicken with spice and multiply it by 1000000000 and you might come close.
Anyways, so we had that for dinner. My boyfriend (at the time) had arrived on Friday to celebrate my birthday and we had Jimdak for dinner that night too. He left Saturday morning for an interview or something...not important. What IS important is that I got to have Jimdak two days in a row.


OK so after that we go out for drinks!

and cake of course :D

Baskin Robins Icecream cake which was of course eaten quickly (because it would melt >.>)

It was an awesome birthday.
I'm not going to go into the nitty gritty details about the break up that happened this past weekend. Not worth it, really. I'll miss him but I think it was a good decision in the long run. I think a long distant relationship is a little difficult anyways.

I have also applied to be the regional coordinator so wish me luck. That would mean I'd be the go-to person for the EPIK peeps in my province. 
Tee hee.

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