Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Good Morning America!!

Well is it? More like a crazy bunch of craziness over here in the south. Before any of you get worried about what is happening--don't. I'm still at school the next day and everyone seems to be fine. No one is running around or building bomb shelters.

So, what happened? Let me paint you a picture of how I came to find out about the biggest attack on South Korea since 1954.

I was home sick with Laryngitus and a cold flipping through the channels trying to find ANYTHING in English. I was to that point where I didn't want to interpret anything by reading body language and just wanted to lay there and vegge. Doing so I was pretty surprised to see smoke and a city skyline on five channels. Curious despite my sickness I finally picked a channel and watched. I debated for about 5 minutes if I should get off my sick butt and walk the five feet to my computer so I could find out what was going on. I did. I'm glad I did!

Apparently North Korea fired upon the South on an island called Yeonpyeong. No worries mom, it's far far far from me. 
I hope that helps a little :)
So North Korea is saying that South Korea fired first and South Korea is saying that North Korea fired first. The point of the matter is...shots were fired on both sides and now everyone is upset. 2 South Korean military were killed and I think the total is 17 are injured including some civilians. I think that Lee and Pyongyang need to just sit down and talk about their differences until this problem can be resolved. Really, gentelmen, do we have to go back to the 50's and start this all over again? Really? 

Even Obama was mad! "Condemnation of the North came swiftly from foreign capitals. President Obama was "outraged," an aide said, saying the Pyongyang government was "an ongoing threat that needs to be dealt with." The White House called on Pyongyang to end "its belligerent action.""

Here is the link to that site LA Times BBC News
Just in case you think I'm a newbie at this I have other news sites as well to back up what I'm saying. 

South Korea says they were doing routine military drills aimed to the WEST of the island when suddenly North Korea dropped 100 shells on them. South Korea, of course, retaliated with 80. Way to go South Korea. Sending the message along in a very economical way. 

N.K: We hate you. FIRE FIRE FIRE!! x100!!
S.K: You fire upon us?! HA! We fire upon you too! But we will not be flashy with our trillion dollar economy. FIRE FIRE FIRE x80

I think in some sort of way we can see this as a great politcal and economical move. Not only did S Korea save money on military but they also look more stable and even conservative. S Korea could have ripped the North a new one but instead  chose the classy route, the higher road if I may say, and only fired what was deemed necessary. Woot.

What i really really dislike about this is that the Won, Korean currency, has lost its value. I lost $0.14 to the dollar because of this. BOO on you, North Korea. :(

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