Sunday, February 24, 2013


First of all: This

So for lent I decided to give up on men. Not exactly. More like superficial relationships with men. It's a good step for me. However, you know how it is when you give something up suddenly they are everywhere? IT'S HAPPENING.

Daegu I run into a guy who is a Personal Trainer. He is gorgeous. Funny. Smart. Speaks English (I dig Korean dudes). Likes me.
Yeah, he likes me. He says he likes me. I ask him constantly.

Andong I meet a guy who instantly says, "I will learn more English so I can talk with you." He's tall, handsome, has some tattoos, and has money. He made sure I got home alright and was so sweet. Pretty sure he likes me.

Daegu guy #2 He's a sweet guy. Not so tall but he makes up for it by making me laugh. Likes to party. Kind of a playboy. Likes me.

This doesn't happen...this just doesn't happen. I really like the first guy. He has his imperfections: 1. lives in daegu. 2. kind of childish and crude sense of humor. 3. constantly working

Meh--that's what's going on. When it rains, it pours. :(

I leave you with the words shouted by my sister the first house party I took her to:


I will persevere!

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