Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weekend please?

This week I've been trying to stay positive...every time something bad happens I try to focus on the good.

Today...right now....I just need to vent. Then I'll be positive.

I had three grade 1 classes. All middle school girls fresh from their elementary schools. One teacher says that the lessons I have are great and the students understand. Even the little extra I did with adding "My Favorite Things" from the musical 'The Sound of Music'.

The other teacher says that it is too difficult. ALL week she has been saying my lessons are too difficult. Today in class she stopped me and suggested/commanded that I go over the answers with the class instead of testing them individually. I was testing them on the stuff we had JUST PRACTICED. So...I followed her 'suggestion' and gave them the answers. Instead of following through with the lesson plan I just gave them the answers. Why try?

Anyways...I think I'm just going to make two separate lessons for this grade. One lesson will be with one teacher and at a normal/higher level. The other lesson will be below average.

I don't know if I'm just not reading the student's reactions correctly or not but one of us is cheating our students. I want to challenge them...not baby them. I don't want to give them something so difficult they'll give up but I want them to see PATTERNS IN ENGLISH and USE THEM IN THE FUTURE.

How can I show them how to put the puzzle together if the teacher tells me to do it for them?



It'll be OK. The weather is grand. I'm buying a GPS tomorrow so soon I'll be outside the city just driving...


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