Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Two kinds of spiders....and only one Houdini

In Missouri there are two kinds of spiders you really have to worry about. The Black Widow and the Brown Recluse.
I'm honestly not too worried about the former but the latter because...I think one is in my house. =(

Now, getting a bite is dangerous but not necessarily DEADLY. It's just that when it happens the skin starts to rot away around the bite until you get it fixed. I won't post any pictures because just that one is giving me the wiggles.

 As for the Houdini part...I swear to you I have killed it three times. THREE times.

First time I saw him I sucked him up in the vacuum. Shoulda killed him. Works with other spiders. I mean, I sucked him up and kept RIGHT on vacuuming. Shoulda been at least burried with the dust and dirt from the rugs, right?

Second time I saw him he was in the bathroom. I soaked him with air freshener but when I went to go collect the was GONE.

Then I saw him creep and crawl a day later on the arm of my couch. I smashed him with a shoe...but no body.

HOUDINI has possessed the body of a spider and my momma is coming down this weekend.

I have mourned his death three times now and NO MORE. I shall find him and his death will be swift and merciful--I hope.

I really really hope he dies this time =(

Ok, so I still feel a little bad. =(


CorissaBaker said...

Oh man, that's really creepy! I'm also not a fan of killing anything that's leaving you alone... Unless, like in this case, it could kill/hurt you! Hope you find that Houdini!

Funnyyoushouldmentionthis said...

I FOUND HIM!!! And I killed him. =( I still felt bad.

CorissaBaker said...

Yeah, I would feel bad too. But not as bad as his bite would have felt! Glad you can relax about it. ;)