Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You can't escape it


So one of the perks about coming to Korea is the fact that I thought I was leaving behind all the crazy old guys that liked to hit on me in public places.
Well that perk has officially flown out the window. Apparently my charm and beauty (ha!) transcends cultural and language barriers as well. Damn.

The culprits? Taxi Drivers.

I get in the taxi and the first thing they do is smile WIDE and say, "Whare are you flom?" "America"

This gets them excited! They then let out a string of compliments in garbled english/korean and then drop the bomb, "You have boyfriend?"
Should I lie? I should...but I can't. Obviously they are too old for me, right? Apparently not because soon after they are inviting me out to drink soju (alcohol) and asking for my phone number.

Oy ve.

I had one taxi driver try to hold my hand when giving my change back, when that didn't work he tried to prolong the eyecontact and once again asked for my phone number. REALLY?

I guess it can't be as bad as being asked to smell my hair...Can anything really top that?

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Jody O'Crash said...

You know what's weird? Taxi drivers used to hit on me constantly- now they don't. Er, at least rarely. My best guess is it's because I now give directions in Korean and I'm not as friendly- I don'y smile much, they ask where I'm from and I say 'migook'. They talk to me in Konglish and I say 'Hanguk Mal Mulayo'. Not that I want to be rude- but, really, I mostly take taxi's when I'm late for work and I'm just. not. a morning person.