Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12 days of Christmas

SO this week is an easy week for me. My 1 and 2 grade students (the first and second years in middle school) are testing and that leaves me to entertain the 3 years.

Maybe i haven't explained this very well so let me take a little bunny trail so I don't lose you when I mention this again.

I teach at an all girls middle school and middle schools in Korea are three years long, much like the states. So, when I mention 1, 2, and 3 years that's what I'm talking about. 1st years are amazing, they are so excited to be in middle school and they want to please you. Really, they do. 3rd years are at that stage where they can either be too cool for school or feel like they need to set the standard for the 2nd years so they pay attention and act very mature...kind of weird. 2nd years could really care less one way or the other. Not all of them but a good number of girls here are all about themselves and I really can't wait until they are 3rd years. I"m also praying that my lovely 1st years don't turn into the current 2nd years.

OK...back on path...12 days of Christmas and an easy week for the 3rd years.

Ever since my 3rd years finished their finals it has been difficult finding lessons that they would think are interesting. I've tried shoes, natural disasters, appearance....finally with the Holiday around the corner I was inspired to do the 12 days of Christmas.
My plan: To have them listen and sing the 12 days of Christmas
After they have all embarassed themselves and enjoyed the easy bit of singing a rather repetitive song I then go over it AGAIN but this time with a fill in the blank sheet.
OK...hard work is done and now it is time for the application...

Their goal now is to form teams and create their OWN 12 days of christmas song. At first I was a little nervous. My first class didn't do so hot but I wasn't going to back down. I wanted this to work. SO, I came up with my own and gave examples in class.

I asked if they liked music. If so, what band, and I told them they could put those members on their christmas list. I mentioned food, travel, jewelry, etc.

These are two of my best responses :D

1. A Bong Won love me (강 동 윈 is his name and apparently he is a famous Korean Actor and I THINK this is his picture...)
2. Two monsters uprising
3. Three cakes flying
4. Four princess turns prince
5. Five Chanel Earings
6. Six ladies having plastic surgery
7. Seven teachers screaming
8. Eight pigs grunting
9. Nine students run away
10. Ten schools destroyed
11. Eleven men proposed
12. Twelve chickens dancing

twisted, yes?


1. delicious apple
2. girls singing
3. ducks swimming
4. silver ring
5. blue eyed boys
6. warm cocoa
7. shining stars
8. nice presents
9. christmas trees
10. cute boots
11. small cakes
12. happy peoples

these girls are in the same class... xD And she calls herself Venus.

Awesome :D

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