Friday, December 24, 2010

I have some amazing kids...

I have been getting a few Christmas cards this week. All of them are sweet in their own way but this one i got today...really rocked my world.
As a teacher here in Korea I sometimes feel as though I'm just here to play the part. It doesn't matter if they understand as long as I look like I'm having a good time and the students LOOK like they are learning.
Until I got this card. If I had known what it would say I would have wrapped this girl up in a hug and wished her a more sincere "Merry Christmas".
She is a 3rd year student which means next week is the last time I will see her. She made the card last night at Church.
I will post a picture later but here is what it said:

To: Amanda
How do you feel now? I feel very happy now. After you have taught me, something to me was changed. In fact, I lived very hard time.
A lot of stress and parent's indifference made me crazy! But, though the situation is not change I will do my best to be happy. I think it will be hard for my parents to have more concern to me, cause they are very busy. ㅠㅠ
I found my own after I met you.
I found my bright side thanks to you.
So, I feel very thankful.
That's why I want to give you a Christmas card!!

Merry Christmas!

She ended it with a little * saying she is not good at writing and if there is wrong expression to understand her, please.

ON the back of the card she wrote "I will never forget you!!"

It took everything in me not to start crying at my desk. I have not felt this way in a long time. It only took a Christmas card and I want to bring her into my protective circle and do everything in my power to make her happy. To give her the attention she deserves.

She just rocked my world.


Elanor said...

Aw!! :D What a sweet young lady!

Adam said...

Wow, that's incredible! Good job, Amanda Teacha. ^^