Friday, October 30, 2009

Joy of a Child's laughter outweighs the stares of a creepy man.


On the bus today, yes another bus story! I had begun to think that there would not be any more. What with Halloween coming up I thought they had all gone to the streets to pick up young girls in costumes. Apparently, not all of them have.

This update comes with two stories. One heartwarming and full of fuzzy feelings and the other filled with the usual creepy men and pick-up lines. I think I shall begin with the warm fuzzy one first, since that is the way it happened today.

This morning I hopped on the bus and I was on my first transfer to my other place of work. I had to drop off my availability and was dressed casually. No need to get all dressed up for the zoo when I had most of my day available to me to do some bus hopping, right? The bus is almost empty with maybe another person on the back riding and keeping to his or herself. The bus stops and suddenly this little kid appeared. He hops on, looks around, and spots me sitting all by myself. Apparently, this is not to be for he looked over his shoulder to make sure his dad was with him and he immediately walked over to me and literally hopped onto the seat next to mine. His dad, a little embarrassed that his little boy (I am guessing he w as around 6) had decided to take up the seat next to me instead of any of the other open and available seats. Unaware of his dad’s embarrassment the cute little boy quickly looks up with, stares for a moment, and then unleashes a killer smile. All white teeth complete with dimples; I was hooked. Leave it to the smallest rider on the bus to point out all the small things on and outside the bus. I ended up making it a game until the usual attention span of a boy his age ended and I had to come up with something else. I noticed his socks had a red car on it, the character from Cars. The name escapes me but I quietly ask him if he likes Cars. Then the boy was off like a…well, a racecar, spitting out the entire story line (just in case I had not seen the movie). He then turned to his dad and said, “My daddy got it for me.” Then “I love you, daddy.” Awww, moment. The dad promptly smiled and said, “I love you, too.” Same smile, I might add. After a while, his dad told him to be quiet, thinking his little boy was bothering me, but the little boy kept looking at me with a sly smile. He would brush up against me to get my attention, smile, and start giggling once I smiled back. I could not help it! I wanted to help the dad with his discipline, but the boy was just too cute! When they had to leave (sadness) the little boy hollered, “BYE! I Will MISS YOU!” then just as loudly to his dad, “She’s nice, Daddy. Can I see her again?”


Story 2

After going to my other job and doing my stuff there, I hopped back onto the next bus to my favorite place in the world, the zoo! I am sitting there, minding my own business because I had decided not to look up every time someone hopped on and smile (See, I listen to the advice of others! Anyways…) I didn’t notice if this guy was already there when I sat down or if he hopped on the bus after me but what I do remember is the talking. At first, I thought he was on the phone or something so I tuned him out. I had no reason to suspect that he would be talking to ME! Well, apparently, he was and I think he noticed I was not talking back or responding to the things he was saying for the next thing that I know I have some guy whispering in my ear, “Can I ask you a question?”

To my credit, I did not jump.

“Um...sure?” I was a little unsure but I thought maybe he needed to know where the bus was headed or something like that and because I was the closest to him, he thought he could ask me. Makes sense, right?

“Can I get your number?” SERIOUSLY?! I turn to get a better look at him and I am met with watery black eyes and brown skin. Brown as in tan, I think he is Asian or a mixture of some kind.

“No.” I turned around, huddled closer into my corner, and tried to tune him out. Of course, I could not and he started apologizing repeatedly for asking the question. He leaned forward to whisper that he was sorry, I nodded, and he went back to talking to me…to himself…not sure. Thinking it was over a few minutes pass and he pressed forward again to say,

“I’m going to close my eyes, then, so I will stop staring at you. I can’t stop so I’m going to close my eyes.”

What the Hell? I nod and say, “That would be nice,” and crane my neck to see if my stop has miraculously changed places and that it was the next one and not the one a mile or so down the road. No such luck. Damn. So I wait and wait with the sick knowledge that there is the watery-eyed creep behind me staring (Or not staring, I am not going to look to find out), behind me. Needless to say, the muttering continued nothing I could honestly understand so I am not going to post my thoughts on what he was saying.

Yes, I am unharmed and have lived to tell another story. Thank you.

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Linda Eagle said...


You have simply got to stop wearing "annoying person attractor" fragrance. I, myself, am partial to one called pure poison by Chanel...maybe Santa will bring it for you!!

Poor girl. I hate when people who are high talk to me because it breaks my heart that their lives are so dismal. Imagine what their lives must be like. Even though it's annoying, you must be reflecting light (like Jesus said we do)... so think of it as that. Maybe you can start witnessing to them. If they don't want to hear about salvation, they'll leave. If they do, then imagine your joyous conversations.

Anyhow, LOVED the little boy! Hopefully you'll meet his big brother and he'll give you "his" number!

Love you,