Friday, October 16, 2009

My Birthday

So yeah, what would I usually be doing on this special day. Well, one thing for sure is this: I'd be going out to eat with my mom and probably Dawn (sister); visiting Logan, Lyndsay, and Manlee; Probably had lunch with Linda xD; and FOR SURE NOT WORKING!!

What did I end up doing? I woke up at 5:45am and hopped on the bus at 7:00 to be to work at 8:30am. Did a program where the snake was NOT happy to be out among the developementally challenged children. Pine Snakes...grr. Mr. Wiggly Worm is what I shall call him. Oh, and striker mc. strikey fits as well :)

Then I hopped on the bus, had McDonalds at the transfer (I wait 1 hour here), and called my other job to get my hours, got home, took a bath, and Passed Out.

Actually, I have no real complaints about this since thi is my usual day. If I didn't love my job I wouldn't be here and I would have had the lunch, dinner, and companionship.

Thankfully I am blessed to have my old roommate and she is taking me shopping. She has had a bad week so I hope we can keep each other company on this chilly day.

I am sorry that I cannot give you a funny story today. Perhaps something will happen tonight!? Or Tomorrow at the renaissance festival! If not I'll just make something up :)


I fell on the escalator and busted my knee. WHO DOES THAT?!?! was after shopping for and getting a new pair of jeans! It was paid for, mostly, by my dear friend here in MO. Thank you!!
I also have new dishes!! SO CUTE!! I got 4 plates, bowls, and desert plates, silverware, plastic big spoons for stirring hot stuff (is there a name for these?), a tea pot, a pan, and a steamer for 13.33!! I love the Salvation Army. Now all I need are cups :) and my kitchen is almost kinda complete-ish.

Hopefully i will have pictures of my new place soon!


Linda said...

awwwww... well I'm giving you a big rain check for that lunch :-)

PS: That last post (need bus fare to California or Russia or...)

Funnyyoushouldmentionthis said...

I should be home for christmas so maybe around hte holidays if you aren't super super busy :) And bus fare?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should add an ice pack and heating pad to your shopping list... :)

Funnyyoushouldmentionthis said...

Ahh, why is it the great ideas have no names to call them by?

Humility at its best. *bows*

Scott G said...

Happy late birthday! And falling and busting your knee is kind of a funny story for people with sick senses of humor like me. So you fulfilled my daily requirement! (낭담!!)

Sara Michele said...

You have no idea how lucky it was for you to be able to have McDonalds on your birthday.

And I mean, what do other people we know our age do on their birthday- go out and get drunk? Either way, you passed out in the end. This way you weren't sick the next day! which sounded better...minus the knee thing. PS Amanda, those things move, so be careful :)

Funnyyoushouldmentionthis said...

Thank you, Scott and Sara :)