Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some observations I had while on the bus today

I've always been a pretty observant person mainly because I enjoy making up little stories for each individual by how they are dressed, how they act, and basically the things they do and say.
I think I'm quite accurate unless I'm in a strange mood and I have my characters somehow mingling together among ponies and flappers.

Don't ask. You had to be there, sorry.

I realized today that a smile was the key to all my problems on the bus. And this troubles me.

Are we so jaded that a smile can only mean that a girl is interested in you? Could it be too hard to imagine that the girl is just happy to be alive and working that morning and wants to spread a little joy?
Is it so hard to believe that no intentions are meant behind that smile except for the small hope of getting one in return?

It really really saddened me, people. I thought maybe, just maybe, I was wrong. Today's observations did not disprove my 'theory'.

Obviously the women who boarded the bus smiled in return for there was a small chance a young girl (me) would be coming on to them with a smile. But all the men, young and old, gave me a funny look at first and then continued to stare at me the whole duration of the bus ride. Some of them tried to strike up a conversation, which I didn't mind too much, but they all ended up down the same road, "You got a man?" Or "What does your boyfriend have to say about you riding the bus all by yourself?" or "Can I getcher numbah?"

You'll have to trust me on this that they were all pretty damn flirtatious with me. Instead of flattering I thought it was really sad.

I don't want to stop smiling :( I guess I was just brought up to be friendly and you do that with a smile. I think it's rude to avoid eye contact and frown. Or if someone enters the room you should acknowledge their presence.

Am I wrong?


Scott G said...

You're not wrong, but I think you were in an unlikely situation. Who are these creepos that are riding your bus? Normal people will do anything to avoid eye contact, let alone actual contact, with another person on a bus (or train, or sidewalk, etc.) so why is it that YOUR bus is always full of creeps? Is there another bus line you could take? Get a bike? Finally finish that teleportation machine you've been working on for so long?

Funnyyoushouldmentionthis said...


I don't know. I'm naturally friendly and attract creepos. Seriously, there should be a gameshow about this.
"How many creepos can amanda attract TODAY!?"

There is no other busline I can take, sadly. And a bike...oh a bike would be nice until winter hits. Though I couldn't possibly ride a bike to the zoo. I'd die. Bad neighborhoods and I'm outta shape.

Sara Michele said...

I fear public transportation is turning you into a pessimist. You might have to rename your blog "Live, Laugh, Love, but Mostly Beware of Men on City Buses!"

Perhaps you should bring a book and keep to yourself on the bus, and test your smile theory elsewhere?

Funnyyoushouldmentionthis said...

xD I do bring a book but I have this fear that I'll miss my stop or someone will sneak up on me.